Small But Effective Decoration Ideas That Will Add A Different Air To Your Home

It doesn’t take huge budgets to create a stylishly decorated home decor that comes from outside. With some decoration tricks, everyone can make their home as beautiful as possible.

You can make your home much more elegant and peaceful than it is by following some decoration secrets shared by interior designers and designers. Some simple solutions, from pillows to wall paintings, will definitely help. In this article, we have compiled 5 of the small but effective decoration suggestions for you.

1- Show your small rooms bigger!

Try using a round carpet to make a room look great. Because the circle symbolizes eternity, and by using a round carpet, you move an abstract symbol without boundaries into reality.

2-Pay attention to the effect of the sun!

Fill your rooms with plenty of windows and sunshine with light! Those who enter that room should feel that their interior is brightened and refreshed. So don’t strangle a room with curtains on three sides. In such rooms, you can easily use the light ivory version colors that perfectly reflect the light. There is no color that better reflects the color reflection in a room with plenty of light than sun yellow. When you make this arrangement, positive energy will be emitted from your brightly lit room to the other rooms.

3-Use pictures of similar size!

The picture or pictures you will hang in the space behind the sofa in your living room is an important detail that will change the mood of your home. You can use this wall as a blank canvas with similar images and frames. This method is very useful, especially if you can’t find a suitable sized picture behind your sofa. When you measure the distance between pictures equally, the image becomes much nicer.

4-Lighting makes a difference!

Instead of standard lighting equipment that is similar to each other, you can completely change the mood of your home by using chandeliers and lamps and floor lamps, which are much more original and custom designed. Lampshades, candles, and lamps that you choose according to the line of your home furnishings are among the most practical solutions that make your home beautiful in proportion to the limits of your creativity.

lighting makes a difference

5-Deepen with mirrors!

Mirrors are not only a decorative element, but they also add depth to the space in which they are used. You can use mirrors in every area you want to visually expand. But when placing mirrors, you must make sure that they do not reflect images you do not want. For example, a mirror that reflects the bathroom door, you probably won’t like it. On the contrary, you can illuminate the room, add an additional glow and add a new dimension to your look with a mirror positioned correctly. It is of course also possible to capture a new meaning with pieces and mirrors with a decorative theme. As long as you decorate your home, free your imagination!

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