The Impact of Primary Education on Children

Primary education means that the cognitive and intellectual aspects of the students should be paid attention to as well as their emotional, and social development. Language and arithmetic competence are an important condition for continuous development. Therefore, these courses should be given more importance.

Language refers to Turkish and foreign languages. Early learning of foreign languages ​​is more important for all students to reach sufficient foreign language standards in their education.

Another requirement for the good development of primary school students is an education setting challenging targets for each student. Therefore, schools should adopt a result-oriented approach, school performance and regular evaluation of the student.

Opportunities for Children in Primary Education

  • Gaining skills in mathematics, literacy, communication, and creativity.
  • Keeping the desire to continue learning and enjoy learning.
  • Develop logical thinking and critical thinking skills.
  • Developing moral values ​​and desired social standards.
  • Being physically fit and healthy.
  • To give importance to the environment and to develop environmental awareness.
  • Developing individual skills.
  • Good leisure time and social responsibility development.

One of the most important tasks for educators at this point, while trying to give students the above characteristics, is always open to development without ignoring their individual development.

When you encourage elementary school students to ask good questions and satisfy their curiosity, you will gain inquiry skills that help them overcome the challenges they will face in the future.

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