TOEFL Exam Preparation Tips

Those who decide to study abroad and choose the country, city or university to be educated should know that they have the required foreign language proficiency, ie TOEFL exam score, at the registration stage.

For this reason, we have compiled the information about TOEFL exam details into items for you and we hope you will benefit and you will reach more efficient results.

  • TOEFL exams are conducted in two ways. the first one is the TOEFL PBT, the other is the TOEFL IBT exam. Nowadays, it is the most preferred online exam.
  • As there are many institutions and centers authorized in our country for the exam, these exams are conducted more than 50 almost once a week on the internet.

Who can take the TOEFL

Anyone who has reached an advanced level of English can take the TOEFL exam. However, the most important point you should know is the foreign language proficiency score that the international university you want to study.

In other words, your registration to the educational institution depends on your TOEFL score. In general, the average undergraduate grade point average of the universities abroad is 70 points.

The TOEFL IBT test consists of four stages: Reading, Listening, Speaking and Writing. Each section of reading, comprehension and written-oral expression is 120 points out of 30 points and lasts approximately 4 hours.

As the exam scores are valid for two years, if you are not satisfied with the grade you received, you may have the chance to re-enter the exam after 12 days.

Finally, you can apply for the TOEFL exam online at any time and per day via ETS. However, you should remember that registrations are closed 7 days before the exam date.

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