Top Youth Books

The so-called youth book is a type of book that addresses young people in the 14-18 age group. Reading the books of the youth type by parents can also be of benefit.

So that their children can communicate more effectively with them during the transition to adulthood. Let us leave you with our list of the most read youth books from the past to the present.

1-Among Friends

I think Ipek Ongun is among the youth books of a generation that has reached the age of 30, especially young girls. The Book of Friends is a continuation of the book of a young girl’s secret book, which can actually be evaluated in series. This book contains the basic problems of adolescence, sitting, eating and drinking culturally instructive elements.

2- Green Cherry-

Yeşil Kiraz, written by Gülten Dayıoğlu, one of the most powerful women writers in Turkish literature, is actually a series of two books. You can take a journey to the life of a young girl in this book, which is written for middle school and high school girls between the ages of 14-17. Green Cherry, which is a psychology work, can be a guide for our young people. For parents, it can be a complete guide.

Harry Potter and the Stone of the Philosopher

It is the first book of the Harry Potter series, one of the first books that come to mind in the genre of youth books. The Philosopher’s Stone is a book that has been written in a fantasy genre and won many prestigious awards adapted to the film.

The book, which broke sales records, has achieved the same popularity in our country. It is one of the books that will be read by not only young people but also readers of all age groups.

4- Twilight – Stephenie Meyer

Twilight by Stephenie Meyer is the first book in a series about vampire and love. Tension, excitement, and fear can be felt at the highest level on every page of the book. This novel series is generally preferred among the 15-5 age group.

5- Under the Same Star – John Green

The overall reader of the book is so hearty and dramatic story, young girls and women. I think it’s because of their predisposition to emotional events. In 2012, Time was chosen as the best youth novel of the year by Time magazine.

6- The Agent of My Shoe – Asude

You can’t get enough of laughter with Pabulum’s Agent, who can call it the book of pleasure and fun. Although it is a thick book, this novel, which ends in a short period of time as the pages flow like water, ranks first in the list of the most purchased books by young readers.

7- Scream – Becca Fitzpatrick

Scream Hush, which is one of the most recent youths genre books, is the second book in the Hush series. You’re going to search the other series of the book in a thrilling way by blending topics like crime, action, love. You can have a better understanding of the topics by reading Fısıltıyı before the book Çığlık, a youth novel written in a simple and clear language.

8- The Lord of the Rings – J. R. R. Tolkien

J.R.R., Professor of Oxford University. A series of books written by Tolkien. It is one of the most sold and read books in the field of fantasy and science fiction. The Lord of the Rings has attracted the attention of readers and viewers of all ages, not only with his book but also with his films. The Lord of the Rings, which ranks first among the 100 most read books of our time, is one of the most popular works with the subject of war, ambition, and friendship.

9- First Love – John Green

John Green is one of the most successful writers in the list with two books. First Love book is a 320-page fiction love novel. This work, which creates a feeling of chatting, is read by a reader in the 15-20 age group, who have managed to make them sad and smile in some places.

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