What are Education and Training? What are the differences?

Although education and training are two commonly used concepts, people do not fully understand. The difference between education and training, often confuse these two concepts and even think that these two concepts are the same.


In order to know the differences and eliminate the confusion of concepts, the definition and content of education and training concepts should be known first.


Education is the process of deliberately changing behavior in an individual’s behavior through his or her own life. In short, education is the process of culturing the individual. Education starts from the moment an individual is born; family, school and environment interaction continue throughout life.

Education on the one hand, while preparing the individual for life, on the one hand, provides the development of the individual. This development occurs as a result of internal or external experiences. As a result of the training, there should be a certain behavior change and this behavior change should be suitable for the purpose in the desired direction.

Starting from kindergarten or elementary school, the period of education continues until the university and after this stage, people take the education they want to take life and use it in their jobs.

Let us now examine the differences between the concepts of education and training.
Education is more comprehensive than education. Because of the formal and informal dimension of education; instruction covers the formal dimension.


The training covers all kinds of knowledge and experience; teaching includes activities organized to achieve predetermined goals. So teaching is part of education.

Training can be anywhere.

There is no time and space limit. However, teaching takes place in certain settings (educational institutions). It is also cross-sectional and limited in time.

Not every education is teaching. But every education is education.
Undesirable behaviors may also occur at the end of the training. In education, it is essential to gain desired behaviors.

  • First What are the differences between them?
  • Second What is education and training?
  • Third What are the differences?

In fact, the name of the ministry that continues education in our country is not the national education, but the Ministry of National Education. Acting with this in mind, we must show the importance it deserves for education not only for education but also for the future of our children.

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