Instagram Unexpected innovation came

Instagram, which has become one of the most popular social media platforms of the recent period, continues to sign important innovations.

The social media platform has begun testing its innovation to make it easier to recover your hacked account.

The result of using an easy-to-guess password may be the capture of your Instagram account. Seeing that your username and profile photo has been altered, sharing on your behalf is a nightmare, but the company is testing a recovery system that will make it easier to get your account back.

The new recovery system asks you for your personal details without having to fill out the email and support forms and wait for answers. These include your phone number and email address. A six-digit code is then sent to your phone and you can get the account back.

All these functions are planned to be done from within the application. In addition, Instagram is taking a step to mitigate the effects of misuse of the accounts.

For example, after a significant change to your account (possibly a password change), you cannot change the user name for a while. Available to all Android users, this function will come to iPhones in the coming days. But the easy recovery system is still in the testing phase.

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